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Important Update: 23rd December 2015

On 15th December 2015 a small group of Nominet members who signed the EGM petition met with the Nominet CEO and CTO in Oxford. At that meeting we explained we now have 141 member signatures which we considered to be 5% of the voting rights. This included giving Nominet a print out of comments left by our 143 registrant signatures.

The EGM petition itself was not delivered as we wanted to confirm the voting right numbers were correct before doing so. We also expressed member concerns over the planned 50% increase in the wholesale price of .uk and co-marketing proposals.

Nominet confirmed that the current voting rights were for the 2015 non-executive director elections and AGM resolutions only. And the Company Secretary confirmed by email:

“the voting rights are dependent on a dynamic DUM measure – calculated following receipt of a formal request for an EGM. Which means without a new voting rights calculation we can not confirm that we have 5% of the total voting rights”.

Note: Since the 2015 AGM there has been further consolidation and promotions which effect the number of “paid for domains”.

In the best interests of the company we requested that a Registrar meeting be held in early January 2016. We also requested that registrars (that are also members) be given the chance to discuss .uk pricing & recent developments.

Today on the 23rd December 2015 Nominet has announced that meeting:

***Registrar event/Save the date***
We are holding an event for registrars on the morning of Thursday, 21st January 2016 in London. We are preparing a more interactive agenda, which will cover topics including our strategy and approach to our core registry business, diversification and membership engagement. This event replaces the registrar conference, in favour of an approach which we hope will encourage participation and discussion. We will send an invite, agenda and venue details early in the New Year and hope that you will be able to join us.

In the same email Nominet has announced an earlier that usual AGM for 28th April 2016 and new election scrutineers. See: [nom-announce] Member Updates


We now encourage all our concerned members/registrars to attend the meeting on the 21st January and express their concerns in person. The meeting is a full six weeks before the proposed price rise on the 1st March 2016 and there is still time for Nominet to change their proposals.

Following the meeting in January we would like feedback on what to do next with the petition – you can contact us here or join the debate on the Nominet members forum.