On the 25th November 2015 Nominet announced a 50% price increase in the wholesale cost of .uk domain names – see announcement here

That means the average two year .uk registration will increase from £6 inc VAT to £9 inc VAT

Nominet say: “The wholesale cost of .UK domain names for registrations of two years or more has not changed since 1999. As part of the company’s commercial strategy, pricing will now be reviewed annually“.

Therefore neither is this a ‘one off’ price increase after 16 years… Prices could increase again next year and year on year? Despite the ‘not-for-profit’ making a huge profit for years now.

A unilateral price increase like this without consultation is due to Nominet successfully removing the ‘Hutty Clause’ Article 19A back at the 2010 EGM. Previously 75% of the Nominet membership had to vote in favour of a price change.

Nominet Members (Small Businesses, Registrars, ISPs & Portfolio Owners) outraged by such a large one off increase have founded this site to petition Nominet to stop the price increase on 1st March 2016 before it is passed on to registrants.

Update: 26th November 2015 – .uk co-marketing programme 2016

Following the announcement above Nominet has now introduced it’s 2016 co-marketing programme. Registrars with over 250,000 domains under management can now claim up to £80,000 per registrar. Smaller registrars with under 5000 domains can only claim £2000.

It comes as no surprise then large registrars are now supporting the price hike

Update: 13th December 2015 – In response to Alex Bligh

Alex Bligh (a founder of Nominet) has written an interesting blog post on the .uk price rise.
We have responded with a blog post:  It’s all about your DUM now!

Total Petition Signatures

  • Members Petition: 144
  • Registrants Petition: 187
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