This EGM call is not just about an extra £1.25 per year…

There are a number of wider public benefit questions not to do with pricing:

Nominet Operating Costs

See:- CEO annoucement and comment here

  • What are the largest cost increases over the last five years?
  • What have been the largest investments in the services that benefit registrants?
  • Inflation-based price increases are generally used to keep profit levels steady in-line with rising cost-to-supply? Why didn’t registration prices increase in the last 16 years?
  • What are the additional funds are actually going to be used for?
  • Why hasn’t registry costs gone down with more automation and volume?
  • What attempts has Nominet made to reduce operating costs through increased efficiency?

Nominet Staffing Costs

See:- Salary figures taken from Nominet accounts here

  • Per-head salaries have more than doubled since 2002?
  • Director remuneration has quadrupled since 2002?
  • Pay of highest director has gone up nearly 250% since 2002?
  • Nominet has just had a redundancy exercise yet hired more R&D staff?

Nominet Innovation

See:- The Nominet R&D blog here

Nominet Governance

See:- Current board members here (scroll down)

  • Was there are board vote on the price increase?
  • Which non-executive directors voted in favour of the price rise?
  • Which non-exceutive directors were not allowed to vote (due to being a registrar)?
  • Why do we still have one non-executive board member not elected by the membership?

Nominet Trust

See:- Chair and Chief Executive resign with others

  • Why has the board of the Nominet Trust not been replenished with new trustees?
  • Why does the board of the Nominet trust now consist of mostly ex non-executives?
  • What additional donations are going to be made to the Nominet Trust now?

Membership Engagement

See:- History of Article 19A ‘Hutty Clause’

  • Why didn’t the price increase go out to consultation like the Registrant terms?
  • Were “key stakeholders” told about the price increase at the meeting on 1st October?

Registrant Terms

See:- Registrant terms consultation ends 23rd December

  • Why is the reference to the setting of fees on a cost-recovery basis being removed?
  • Why is the consultation clause being removed from the Registrant terms?

Marketing Issues

See:- Nominet 2016 co-marketing programme (request the info)

  • Why has a co-marketing programme launched based on the size of the registrar?
  • Why can’t an accredited channel partner of any size apply for £50,000 in funding?
  • Why is Nominet punishing some business models but rewarding other business models?
  • Why is Nominet sponsoring events such as The Business Show with large registrars?

Model Review

See:- Nominet new CEO opens giant can of worms, sticks head in

  • Why are we still waiting for the Lyon’s Report even though the board has seen it?
  • Are the voting rights going to change in light of five figure co-marketing funds going to registrars? Some members will have more than one large registrar per corporate group?
  • Do self-managed tag holders (both the registrant and registrar) need different terms?

If you can think of any more questions please let us know here

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